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Thumbnails of participating books and authorsDo you enjoy reading stories about imaginary worlds that feature fantastic creatures and powerful sorcerers?

We do! All of the authors here at the Magic Appreciation Tour (AKA Magical Fantasy Books) are as passionate about magical fantasy as you are. Our goal with this site is to help you find new books to read and learn about the authors who wrote them. We know how exciting it is to find a new author whose books you enjoy; we're readers too!

The Magic Appreciation Tour is an ongoing event. New authors are signing up and registering their books all the time, and every month our authors exchange blog posts and run blog tours.

In Appreciation of Our Readers

All of the authors here at the Magic Appreciation Tour want to express our appreciation for our readers. We gathered our books together here in one place for your convenience, and we hope to offer you everything you might want to know about us and our work. Get to know us on your own terms in a low-pressure environment.

The Book Sale page lets you browse through the participating books (all magical fantasy!) with simple and easy-to-read listings. Handy links let you learn more about the book and the author. You can access the book web site, the author bio, blog reviews, and even giveaways. When you find something you like, you can click a link that takes you directly to the buy page on a retailer's Web site.

The Authors page introduces you to all of the participating authors. You can read the author's bio and see a list of all the books they offer through the Magic Appreciation Tour.

Help Spread the Word

If you like what we are doing here and want to help us succeed, the best thing you can do is tell others about us. One way to do that is to put an official Magic Appreciation Tour Badge on your blog or Web site. The Tour Badge is a small, square logo image that links to this page in a new browser window. If you are willing to help spread the word about the books and authors featured on this site, please visit our Tour Badge page and add a badge to your blog or Web site today!

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