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Although the Magic Appreciation Tour is open to all authors who have written a magical fantasy book, including self-published and indie-published authors, we do ask that all participants respect their readers. Respect for your readers means you have made a sincere effort to produce a professional-quality book with a serviceable cover and edited content.

Now, we know that the terms "serviceable," "edited," and "quality" are relative. We aren't asking for much, really. For example, the title of your book should still be readable when your cover is reduced into a 200-pixel-high image. Also, your book should not have obvious typos or grammar errors in the first paragraph.

We want to help you get the word out about your books and we want to help you meet other authors in your genre. However, we also want to give our readers the best experience we can. That's what will bring them back to the site to try another book, and next time, that book could be yours.

With the reader experience in mind, we've put together a few registration guidelines for the books and authors we accept for the tour.

Book Guidelines

  • Genre: This site is all about magical fantasy. That means your book is a fantasy story that contains some form of magic use. The line between what is considered magic versus paranormal or supernatural can be fuzzy. For example, a ghost is paranormal, but a ghost who casts a frost spell is using magic. If you aren't sure that your book qualifies as "magical fantasy," feel free to contact us and ask. Please do not register erotica; that is a completely different market, regardless of the story setting.
  • Cover: Your book should have a cover. It doesn't have to be beautiful, and it's okay if you did it yourself. It just needs to give readers a quick feel for your book. Your cover will usually be the first thing readers see when they scan the book listings. The cover image you provide us should be at least 200 pixels tall so it reduces well. (Book cover images are reduced to fit into a 200x200 box).
  • Image Rights: If your book cover uses third-party photographs or artwork, you absolutely must have the rights to use the image that is on your cover. Likewise, you must grant us the right to display a thumbnail image of your cover on the Magic Appreciation Tour site.
  • Excerpt: An excerpt should be available somewhere, either on the retail site where your book is sold or on your own book web site.
  • Editing: Your writing should be literate. Nobody is perfect, and even professionally-published books have typos, but the first chapter of your book should not make it obvious that your grammar and spelling skills are lacking.
  • Description: Provide a short book description or "blurb" that summarizes your story. Your blurb should be no more than 850 characters. Although you may format your description with line breaks, please keep it compact. A color bar on the book listing preview shows red if your listing is too tall. Do not include reviews in your book description.
  • Sub-genre: Please indicate what fantasy sub-genres describe your book. You are welcome to choose multiple sub-genres. If your book is a Young Adult, Swords & Sorcery Romance, by all means, feel free to check all three of those categories on the registration page.
  • Length: Correctly indicate the length of your book using the word-count guidelines provided on the registration page.
  • Web Site: The URL you provide for your book web site can be a true stand-alone web site or a specific page on your blog that describes your book in detail.
  • Multiple Books: If you have written multiple magical fantasy books and you would like to list all of them on the site, you are welcome to do so.

Author Guidelines

  • Photo: Please provide an image that represents you. The image can be a photograph or an avatar. You must have the rights to use any image that you provide, and you must grant us the right to display that image on the Magic Appreciation Tour site. The image should be at least 200 pixels in the longest dimension so it will reduce well. (Author images are resized to fit into a 200x200 box).
  • Biography: The bio should be at least a sentence or two that describes you. Your biography lets your readers get to know you a little bit. You can look at the other author listings on the site to get ideas. Your bio should be 850 characters or less. Although you may format your biography with line breaks, please keep it compact. A color bar on the author listing preview shows red if your listing is too tall. Do not include reviews in your author biography.
  • Blog: You don't have to have a blog, but you won't be able to fully participate in the author networking without one. We want the Magic Appreciation Tour to be more than just a book listing site, so your participation in the networking aspects is appreciated.
  • Tour Badge: Hosting a Magic Appreciation Tour Badge is optional, but we strongly encourage you to add one of our badge widgets to your Web site or blog. The more of us that do that, the better the MA Tour site looks to Google, and the more traffic everyone will get to their book listings.

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