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Reader FAQ

What makes this site different from any other site that sells books?

The term "fantasy" covers a lot of ground these days. You know this if you have ever had to wade through hundreds of books trying to find the ones that include the magical elements you crave. In contrast, the Magic Appreciation Tour is focused strictly on magical fantasy. Also, most retail and feed-based sites give you very limited access to information about books and authors. It can be a challenge to learn more about the author and even the book sometimes. This site offers links to the author's blog, the book web site, and other resources.

What makes the Magic Appreciation Tour a "tour?"

The authors who participate in the Magic Appreciation Tour network with each other as part of their membership. If you have ever heard of a virtual book tour, that's basically what we are talking about. By touring each other's blogs, the authors give you the chance to get to know them better through interviews and guest posts.

What can I do to help?

The most important thing you can do to help us keep adding new books and authors is to help us get the word out about the Magic Appreciation Tour. We encourage you to tweet links to the site, write blog posts about us, or do whatever you are comfortable doing. One of the easiest things to do is add a Tour Badge to your blog or Web site. That way, you tell every one of your visitors about us without having to do anything else!

How is different from

It's actually the same site. The only difference is that you see a different site header depending upon which domain name you used.

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Author FAQ

What counts as "magical" fantasy?

The term “Magical Fantasy” refers to any fantasy book that includes a force or power that readers would recognize as magic. The book might be considered an urban fantasy, epic fantasy, romantic fantasy, or whatever. The critical element is that it has magic of some kind.

Is the tour for self-published authors only?

No. We welcome all magical fantasy authors, regardless of how your book was published.

I signed my book up for KDP Select. Can I still participate?

Yes, as long as the buy link goes straight to your book's page on The Magic Appreciation Tour and Book Sale does not sell your books directly; we provide what is essentially a free advertising service. Listing your book here is not a violation of your KDP Select Terms of Service. In fact, we are helping Amazon sell your book!

I'd like to take advantage of the networking opportunities I'd get by joining the tour, but I want to encourage readers to try my book by offering it for free. Can I still participate?

Yes. You can price your book however you want.

Do you have something I can put on my site to help spread the word?

YES! We're so glad you asked. We encourage you to place an official Tour Badge on your blog or Web site to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the Magic Appreciation Tour. When your visitors click on the Tour Badge, it takes them to the home page of this site in a new browser window.

How do members network with each other?

Participating authors network in three ways: through social networking services (like Facebook and Twitter), through the Magic Appreciation Blog Tours (MABT), and by directly exchanging posts with other members. We encourage you to post status updates related to your Magic Appreciation Tour activities on your various social networking accounts. For Twitter, please use the #MATour hash tag.

What is Magic Appreciation Blog Tours, and how does it work?

Magic Appreciation Blog Tours is a free blog tour system that facilitates the exchange of blog posts between our members. The heart of the system is a simple email list. When a member goes on tour, we send out a tour notice to all MABT subscribers. Subscribers who are interested in hosting the touring author respond to the notice and sign up for a tour date. There's no obligation to host: if you aren't able to offer space on your blog during the requested time period, you just delete the email.

Can I just list my book, or do I have to participate in the author networking aspects as well?

Networking with the other members is completely optional. However, if you give networking a try, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how supportive and friendly your fellow authors can be.

Can I change my listing later?

Yes. Magic Appreciation Tour members have full control over their listings. You can log in at any time and change your author listing, your book listings, and even add more books. All changes must be reviewed before they appear on the live site, but that is usually just a formality.

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