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Are you a fan of magical fantasy looking for your next book? If so, you are in luck! The Magic Appreciation Tour (AKA Magical Fantasy Books) specializes in fantasy stories that include magic. Our listings give you useful information about each title so you can find a book that interests you quickly.

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Found 203 books

The Veiled Rider (Turning of the Wheel, vol. 1)

When Ravid Veilyn received word of his mother's illness, he scoured the empire for the rare and powerful reagents needed for her cure. The last, the coveted xevrothen, could only be found in the treacherous Gairtax Mountains, from which few returned. There, he met a madman who sought dominion over death and used the lives of innocents to fuel his twisted paradise. Ravid was to be his next victim. But when Ravid called upon a childhood story figure, in the hopes of praying on the man's superstitions, he got more than he bargained for when the Veiled Rider answered his call. Now bound to an ancient demon without hope of salvation, Ravid begins to learn the world is not all it's painted to be.

Novel: $0.99 Epic / Historical Author: Agatha Raine

Protector (Anniversary of the Veil, vol. 1)

Kiyarran always wanted to be a Protector of the Realm. Untold magic and forbidden love for Princess Issiyanna awaken inside him once his wish comes true. Now the Priesthood that rules the realm from the shadows see Kiyarran's extraordinary skill as a threat. Issiyanna is a Beacon whose life is needed to renew the Veil—a barrier that was forged a thousand years ago to separate the world in half. When group of Keepers from across the Veil abduct Issiyanna, Kiyarran follows to save her. Will he choose to bring her back, or run from all he knows to follow her across the Veil? Will Kiyarran fulfill his duty as a Protector, or allow his love for Issiyanna to guide his future path? Magic, loyalty, childhood friendship, greed, and love all clash as Kiyarran is forced to make his decision.

Novel: $2.99 Adventure Author: Vanna Smythe

Vaetra Unveiled (The Vaetra Chronicles, vol. 1)

Bored with his life as an innkeeper, Jaylan Forester takes a promising mercenary contract. The adventure goes out of control when he discovers that his client is being pursued by Sulana Delano, an intriguing Sword Sorceress from an enclave of sorcerers known as The Archives. Taught from birth to shun sorcerers, Jaylan must overcome his distrust of magic when an unexpected turn of events embroils Jaylan in Sulana's mission to recover a stolen mysterious artifact. Along the way, Jaylan learns that he too has the capacity to become a sorcerer. He must decide if he wants to explore his newfound abilities or resume the comfortable life he has always known. Fate has its own ideas about the path he should take.

Novel: $3.99 Adventure / Swords & Sorcery Author: Daniel R. Marvello

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