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Are you a fan of magical fantasy looking for your next book? If so, you are in luck! The Magic Appreciation Tour (AKA Magical Fantasy Books) specializes in fantasy stories that include magic. Our listings give you useful information about each title so you can find a book that interests you quickly.

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Found 214 books

Seeking a Scribe (Enchanted Bookstore Legend One, vol. 1)

Lyra McCauley is a writer and loves fantasy novels, but until she opens a selection from bookstore owner Cullen Drake, she has no idea he's a wizard character who lives a double life inside that volume…or that the story's magic will compel her from the edge of depression to adventure, danger, and love. Attraction sparks, but Lyra doubts whether a wizard is capable of love. She's torn—should she protect her fragile heart or risk new love? Opening the book, she faces a quest: save the magical land of Dragonspeir from destruction by the Black Dragon before he overthrows the opposing Imperial Dragon. Lyra accepts the challenge, fearing Cullen will perish if evil wins. Along with magical animal guides, Cullen helps her through many perils, but ultimately Lyra must use her own power…and time is running out.

Novel: $0.99 Epic / Romance Author: Marsha A. Moore


A children's fantasy book telling the tale of the courageous and resourceful little Nimpentoad, who leads his tribe of Niblings through the perilous Grunwald Forest, overcoming obstacles and encountering strange creatures along the way. Kids aged 5-10 enjoy the adventure and stunning illustrations. Parents appreciate a story that discourages bullying and emphasizes teamwork, creativity, perseverance, and leadership.

Short Story: $10.95 Children's / Illustrated Author: Henry, Josh & Harrison Herz

Destiny of the Wulf (The Aduramis Chronicles, vol. 1)

It is a time of great upheaval, and from time immemorial the destiny of two boys has shone like a beacon. Death desires to rule as high king of the gods, and is poised to ignite a war in the heavens that would consume all life on Er'ath. Brothers Coinin and Marrok are thrust into a world of magic when their parents are slain. Whisked away to their uncle's home, there they live a peaceful existence, until the day that they are summoned to a secret temple, hidden from the world. An ancient mage brotherhood tells of a great destiny that surrounds them, and events take a sharp downward turn. The fate of this world hangs in the balance, and it is left to Coinin and Marrok to reunite the Swords of Cerathil that would save the planet from destruction.

Novel: $4.60 Epic Author: Harrison Davies

How Gods Bleed

The werewolf king Gorgoza is dead leaving the west in turmoil. With the king's passing it is only a matter of time before someone has claimed the western empire for themselves, leaving the east ripe for invasion. But all hope is not yet lost for Cada Varl the Immortal, the being responsible for the creation of the werewolves may know of a way to destroy them once and for all.

Novel: FREE Dark Author: Shane Porteous

Maldene, Volume II (Maldene, vol. 2)

The first Maldene novel concludes in Volume 2 as Sabu, Eldar, and Sindar and the rest go on a quest to unearth the remains of the last and grandest of the Great Human Kingdoms of old, Thïr Tÿorca.  Their goal:  Find what they can in the ancient ruins that can help them in their coming battle against the forces of Miro, and maybe even unearth the reason why it seems as Thïr Tÿorca had remained free of Miro's touch so long ago.  The problem:  Is this just another one of Miro's deeply laid plans?

While this brings the first novel of Maldene to a truly epic finale', this is still only the first chapter in a saga that will span the stars and challenge your imagination.

Novel: $4.95 Epic / Swords & Sorcery Author: Mark Anthony Tierno

Maldene, Volume I

Maldene is a world of magic and science, wizards and dragons; but home also to an incredible secret jealously guarded by History’s most villainous being: Miro. For centuries his presence has been plaguing the nightmares of gods and men; the world is in his thrall, there is no one willing to face him.

Or perhaps there is. The young wizard Sabu, and his elven friend Eldar, lead their companions on a journey to seek a destiny foretold them by a blind gold-skinned gypsy. Facing a three-hundred foot dragon is only the beginning of their quest, as they journey the globe in search of answers to Miro’s villainy, and uncover long-buried secrets. For they are destined to lead a new battle against this ancient evil; to gather beneath the banner of a mysterious King and face the unfaceable.

One problem: Miro is counting on their success.

Novel: $4.95 Epic / Swords & Sorcery Author: Mark Anthony Tierno

Vampiris Sancti: The Demon Prince

It had taken many years for the demon prince of the human world to organise a betrothal with a magical Elf. Then there were the problems of getting her to stop causing mischief everywhere she went. Zyre had captured the stern heart of the Martyc demon but as a son of the Empire, he was not free to pursue her until he had reached the status of prince. Once in possession of wealth and authority he ensured the Elders of her world put her forth for an arranged marriage. The only problem was that the Elf absconded before anyone told her. Now he had to fight off a scorned woman while chasing a desired one, unravel the plots of Vampires as well as negotiate the treachery of one of his own kind. Then again, he was the most revered prince of the Martyc Empire and if anyone could pull off the impossible—it would be Vryn Dhaigre.

Novel: $2.99 Adventure / Dark / Urban Author: Katri Cardew

Vampiris Sancti: The Vampire

My name was Bethany Trent and at age twenty three years, six months, four days and ten minutes I ceased to exist. Don't misunderstand, I didn't die, I won't die for an eternity by human standards, instead I was removed from everything that used to be my life. Created as a tool for revenge, Bethany Trent discovered herself Unveiled as a Vampire for no more reason that she resembled a long dead woman. She found herself caught between the machinations of a demon Empire she never knew existed, the unexpected friendship of a magical Elf, and century old Vampire feuds. Renamed after a dead woman, she struggled to survive not only her new mutation but also the unexpected attraction to the one who owned her future.

Novel: $2.99 Dark / Romance / Urban Author: Katri Cardew

Vampiris Sancti: The Elf

Elves have mastered four elements that ensure their survival; they lie exceptionally well, their preference for the unexpected is constant, they can hide in plain sight, and when necessary, they can seduce their way to safety. Zyre is no exception as she uses all her magical abilities to escape being stalked by a dangerous demon prince. Zyre's universe co-exists with the human and demon worlds, only reached by a doorway called the Reveal. Her foray into the human world has her in the midst of strange political factions, bandits, and vampire schemes, while attempting to protect the vulnerable humans. As Zyre faces the reality of power in the universe, she struggles with the notion of friendship, loyalty, the reality of her world, the choice of whether to pursue the dangerous decision of revenge, or give into the obsessive love of another.

Novel: $0.99 Adventure / Romance / Urban Author: Katri Cardew

A Singular Gift

Jean Ryan has inherited a singular gift, the gift of magic. She must learn to use her magic gift before the opposing dark magic forces destroy her world. Jean and Wayne, her friend, work together to discover why her gift has attracted the attention of an evil circle of magic users and how to combat them.

Novel: $2.99 Young Adult Author: Sue Santore

Fencing Reputation (Shards of Light, vol. 2)

When the elven lords, preachers and merchants of Cryssigens need wrongs righted without clues, they look for the stealthic Feldspar to solve their problems. But the legend without a face is hard to find: and when Feldspar takes a commission from the most famous, and beautiful, priestess in the city, he finds problems of his own piling up, and is forced to choose between Hope and safety.

Novel: $2.99 Epic Author: William L. Hahn

The Ring and the Flag (Shards of Light, vol. 1)

Newly-graduated imperial officer Justin is convinced he has no future, and hearing the details of the secret mission he's assigned for the Emperor won't change his mind. Civil War threatens the North Mark. Justin must race against time to form a company, and lead his men into the center of the web; but what happens when his loyalty to the Empire means the death of those who follow him?

Novella: $2.99 Epic Author: William L. Hahn

Three Minutes to Midnight

Never call Trekelny a thief, he's the greatest stealthic since Astor himself. It's true, just ask him. He won't end the night a coin richer, instead exchanging mortal risk for a hero's reputation. But on this night, he won't succeed to live in song, or even survive, without the help of a woman who hates him above all others. If he is to despoil her temple, he must also take her love with him.

Novelette: $0.99 Swords & Sorcery Author: William L. Hahn

The Ruins of Noe (White Forest, vol. 2)

Brigitta's adventures continue when the balance of the White Forest is disturbed and the Elders lose contact with the Ethereals. Against their advice, High Priestess Ondelle asks Brigitta to accompany her to the old faerie ruins of Noe to find a way to reconnect with the Ancients. What they discover when they arrive is something they never learned from any faerie tale. Why had this dark secret been kept from them? Why in the name of Faweh had the Ancients left some faeries behind? Brigitta and Ondelle are caught in a dangerous feud between two factions of feral faeries whose leaders will stop at nothing to access what little sorcery Noe has left.

Novel: $4.99 Adventure / Young Adult Author: Danika Dinsmore

Brigitta of the White Forest (White Forest, vol. 1)

Brigitta is a young Water Faerie from the village-nest of Tiragarrow who is anxious about going through The Change, as she doesn't see how destiny markings on her wings should determine her life's path! A few days before the annual Festival of Elements, Brigitta is flying an errand with her tag-a-long sister when a mysterious curse turns everyone in the White Forest to stone, except for the two of them. They have no idea why they were not cursed, but they do know if they don't turn everyone back in time for the festival rituals, the Hourglass of Protection will run out and so will its protective field around the forest. With no one in their forest left to help them, they must leave the protected realm to seek an exiled faerie they have only heard about in ancient tales.

Novel: $4.99 Adventure / Middle Grade Author: Danika Dinsmore

Halloween Jack and the Devil's Gate

Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, the one night of the year the Devil and his kin are free to roam the world. Only one thing keeps humanity safe on that darkest of nights: Jack o' the Lantern, the mythical figure that all demons despise and fear. What if Jack o' the Lantern didn't frighten all of those dark creatures any more? The Devil's Gate comes crashing down! Jack o' the Lantern is trapped! All the hordes and legions of the darkest realm are free to roam as they wish! With nothing to keep the dark creatures at bay, only Jack's last three descendants can save the world from the Devil and all his kin. To do that, they must create a legend even bigger and greater than Jack o' the Lantern ever was. Based on one of the oldest Irish legends of Halloween, Halloween Jack and the Devil's Gate is a Steampunk adventure story for all ages.

Novella: $2.99 Adventure / Historical Author: M. Todd Gallowglas

Once We Were Like Wolves (Tears of Rage, vol. 2)

In this second volume of TEARS OF RAGE, Julianna continues to come to terms with being named as high priest by the god of vengeance she freed from his thousand year prison. Still fleeing from her enemies, Julianna has her first encounter with her new god's followers, and she learns that being the first chosen comes with a higher price than she expected.

Novel: $3.99 Dark / Epic / Swords & Sorcery Author: M. Todd Gallowglas

First Chosen (Tears of Rage, vol. 1)

On her twenty-first birthday Julianna frees Grandfather Shadow, an ancient god of vengeance, from his thousand-year prison. In his "gratitude," the god names her his high priest and commands her to lead his people to greatness once again. Unfortunately, it is a capital crime for any of Julianna's people to worship one of the five ancient gods - the punishment is not just execution but also the destruction of the soul. While evading Kingdom Inquisitors and the followers of the god of death, Julianna must learn to use her new power to survive long enough to unite Grandfather Shadow's fractured people.

Novel: $0.99 Dark / Epic / Swords & Sorcery Author: M. Todd Gallowglas

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Evanesse is a druid dedicated to healing. She joins with a party of adventurers to assassinate cult leader whose parasitic consumption of magic has made him a very real danger. Malccino is chosen to guide his party through the enemy’s fortress. When a fight goes awry and Evanesse is mind controlled to fight against them, Malccino breaks protocol to save her life. Her mind ravaged by the corruption, Evanesse can’t fight the desire pulsing through her body. She needs Malccino’s touch to return to her senses. Malccino’s world is shaken by his experience with Evanesse. He knows there is more to them than warrior and druid, but she is afraid that accepting him would mean losing herself. In order for them to be together, they will both have to surrender to each other in mind, body, and spirit.

Novelette: $0.99 Romance Author: Ava Donja

Amadi, the Phoenix, the Sphinx, and the Djinn

Thief-in-training Amadi has to steal the phoenix, befriend a sphinx, and rescue a djinn to fight a power-hungry sorcerer before she learns that women are not inferior to men. Amadi realizes how much she hates being a girl when her half-sister is unwillingly engaged to an elderly gold-smith. She manages to become apprenticed to a thief where she lives as a boy more often than not. But when her Helping Hand is murdered, her oath of revenge lands her smack dab in the path of an assassin hired to kill her and a jackal-headed god with the same purpose. Now, her only defense is the threadbare tunic of a young man and her training as a thief.

Novel: $4.99 Adventure / Children's / Middle Grade / Young Adult Author: Katharina Gerlach

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