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The most important thing you can do to help make the Magic Appreciation Tour a success is to let people know about it!

Add one of these handy official Tour Badges to the side bar of your blog or to your web site, so all of your visitors have the opportunity to find great new stories to read and meet the authors who created them. Readers and authors alike are welcome to host a Tour Badge. When your visitors click on the badge, their browser opens a new window and takes them to the home page of this site.

Adding a badge to your blog or site is easy; just select the badge you want from the selections below, copy the "code" in the box next to it, and paste that code into your site. If you are "HTML-savvy" and want to host the badge image on your own site, you have our permission to copy the badge graphic and do so.


Size Badge Code
120 x 120

Magic Appreciation Tour Badge 120x120
Where readers find books
and authors find friends.

150 x 150

Magic Appreciation Tour Badge 150x150
Where readers find books
and authors find friends.

200 x 200

Magic Appreciation Tour Badge 200x200
Where readers find books
and authors find friends.

Need a different size? Let us know. We'll be happy to accommodate you. Do you have a site with a dark background and need the text to be white instead of black? Just change the part that reads color:#000000; to color:#ffffff; (that's six "f"s) instead.

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Magic Appreciation Tour Badge

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