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Julian Adorney

I’m a writer and an adventurer, and for me those have always gone together. I’ve played soccer with strangers at 5am. I’ve climbed 14ers and thought I was going to die from cold. I’ve fallen in love, an adventure unlike any other. I’ve done a lot of stuff where I didn’t know what I was doing, and sometimes it even worked out.

Life’s an exploration, and I want to explore as much as I can. And that’s what you’ll find in The Dragon’s Curse. Life off the beaten path is scary, but it’s also wonderful.

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When his first love dies, a desperate man ventures into The Nine Hells to get her back….

Rachel, his first love, the girl who rescued Parius from misery and whom he one day hoped to marry, is dead.

Parius is devastated. He doesn’t eat or sleep. He knows a secret about her death that leaves him wracked with guilt. If he had acted differently, would she still be alive today? Laughing and whirling in his arms?

He only has one chance to regain love and make things right—to travel down to the Nine Hells, where souls go when they die, and get her back. But the Nine Hells is death to mortals, and demons want to feast on his soul. Will the gap between life and death prove too great for even love to transcend?

Prequel to The Dragon's Curse.

Short Story: FREE Adventure / Romance / Paranormal Author: Julian Adorney

The Dragon's Curse

When Princess Esmerelda stumbles onto a secret buried in the depths of her floating city, the God of Fate curses her. Within seventy days, she will die and her beloved kingdom will fall.

If Esmerelda is to survive, she’ll have to unravel the secret of why she was cursed and learn to beat a spiteful God at its own game.

Complicating her struggle is Parius, a dashing stranger with a mysterious past. He’s brave and noble and unpredictable, and she finds herself falling for him. But he has dark secrets all his own, secrets their budding relationship may not survive.

Their quest takes the pair to forgotten magics, beautiful witches in sleepy villages, and the ancient caverns of the dragons. But time is running out. Can the lovers defeat the God of Fate, or will they lose everything they hold dear?

Novel: $2.99 Adventure / Romance / Swords & Sorcery Author: Julian Adorney

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