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Alex Pearl

Alex Pearl is an advertising copywriter living in NW London with his wife and two kids.
    'Sleeping with the Blackbirds' - a black, comic urban fantasy, was initially written for his children and is published by Amazon's CreateSpace.
    In 2014 his short story, 'Scared to Death' - the fictionalised account of the first British serviceman to be executed for cowardice during the First World War, was published by Mardibooks along with 22 other short stories in an anthology entitled 'The Clock Struck War.'
    A selection of pieces taken from his popular blog is now also available in paperback published under the title: 'Random Ramblings of a Short-sighted Blogger.'
    Alex's claim to fame is that he is quite possibly the only person on this planet to have been accidentally locked in a record shop on Christmas Eve.

Books by Alex Pearl

Sleeping with the Blackbirds

11-year-old schoolboy Roy Nuttersley has been dealt a raw deal. His parents show him little in the way of love and affection, and to make matters worse he is plagued by school bullies lead by the thoroughly unpleasant Harry Hodges. So for solace, Roy cares for the birds in his suburban garden, and in return the birds hatch a series of cunning plans to help their new friend. But like so many things in life, these go horribly wrong and the lives of both Roy and Harry are turned upside down - but in a surprisingly good way.

Novel: $12.34 Adventure / Comedy / Contemporary / Dark / Urban / Young Adult Author: Alex Pearl

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