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Peter Cruikshank

At an early age I was introduced to Robert Heinlein's 'Stranger in a Strange Land' by a friend's father, an author, and then later I found JRR Tolkien & CS Lewis. I spent the next 40 years reading while waiting to publish my own tales.
    Married 30 years to a beautiful woman, with three children grown into caring and sensitive adults, I have had a wonderful & challenged life's journey. The challenged part has helped form much of my view of the fantasy world that I now write about. My career has stretched from a taxi driver to a Chief Scientist to everything in-between.
    I believe stories are all about the depth of characters and what befalls them - the movement from start to end and the adventure in-between. How some fail and others rise above their own expectations. As the Dragon-Called Legend tells us - Be True to Your Fire Within!

Books by Peter Cruikshank

Fire of the Covenant (Dragon-Called Legend, vol. 1)

Sixteen year old, Princess Willoe, is prevented from fulfilling her dreams of competing in a man’s world. Her twin, the solemn Prince Rowyn is forced to take up the life of a man-at-arms instead of retreating into a life of contemplation. The twins decide, with the help of their cousins, to take one last chance to experience their dreams.
    A plan that has potential if not for two things: Foreign priests of the Shin-il Way, who see the twins as necessary to the priests' domination of the world; and the Burning Lady, goddess over the Spirit world, who requires that the twins fulfill a covenant that a distant ancestor of theirs had made with the dragons.
    The close family bond between the twins and their cousins can help them confront any danger, but the true test of this bond comes when the price of the covenant becomes clear.

Novel: $4.99 Adventure / Epic / Historical / Swords & Sorcery / Arthurian Author: Peter Cruikshank

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