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Anthony DeRouen

Anthony began writing short stories and fan fiction in 2008. He has written three as of yet unpublished novels in the A Show for the Gods series: Precipice, Diviner, and End of Dreams. A treatment for the fourth and last installment is entitled Burn the Sky.

In 2009 while drafting a fantasy article for a friend’s gaming website he fell love with the concept of a battle healer who defends a country not her own against sinister forces bent on releasing a terrible power. A number of plot lines were developed along with how the world would appear at the height of its economical and political strength in the beginning, and then deteriorate as events unfolded.

Books by Anthony DeRouen

Precipice (Book One of A Show for the Gods)

Rushing to the aid of an embattled fishing village, Danika Del Ray, a practitioner of divine magic, confronts a pirate clan fighting with a bloodlust that rivals anything she’s encountered before. Driven to unearth the reasons behind the unprovoked attack, Danika’s journey will test her moral judgment and faith in a world crippled by fear and delusion.

Across the churning Sea of Tears, Danika’s sister, Kiruna, unmasks a conspiracy orchestrated by Lord Marshal Camran, a war leader who plots to unleash a devastating weapon upon the world by stealing—and using—a book of twisted magic. Yet in spite of the portents and pounding war drums, the kingdoms of Velyn remain oblivious of their impending doom.

Novel: $9.99 Epic / Swords & Sorcery Author: Anthony DeRouen

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