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Nicolette Andrews

Nicolette Andrews born and raised in San Diego CA. She currently resides with her husband, two daughters a dog and a cat. She enjoys reading a good fantasy novel with heavy doses of magic and intrigue. When she's not reading or writing, she likes to take advantage of the San Diego sunshine by walking and hiking. Or on occasion trying her hand at gardening.

Books by Nicolette Andrews

Diviner's Prophecy (Diviner's Trilogy, vol. 1)

Gifted with visions of the past present and future, Maea is the last of the Diranel diviners. Despite her immense power she is trapped. Her past has been erased and she is kept under the watchful eye of her guardian, who is skilled in the art of court politics. Maea wants to escape her life as a pawn in the games of court intrigue but in order to do that, she must unravel her forgotten past. As Maea uncovers the forgotten pieces of her past she learns that her past was taken to not only to control her but to change the outcome of her kingdom's future.

Novel: FREE Epic / Historical / Romance Author: Nicolette Andrews

Diviner's Curse (Diviner's Trilogy, vol. 2)

Branded as traitors, Maea and her companions arrive in Sanore, the royal capital of Neaux. They've come seeking a way to save Johai from the spirit that has possessed him and instead find that the plots that nearly killed Maea are here in Neaux as well. Though she swore to find a way to save Johai, destiny is calling her to stop Adair before lives are lost in this struggle for thrones.

Novel: $4.99 Epic / Historical / Romance / Swords & Sorcery Author: Nicolette Andrews

In the Household of a Sorcerer (Diviner's Trilogy Short story)

At Sixteen, Johai, possessed by an ancient spirit, finds a diviner child. Maea is the last of the Diranel diviners and the power hungry boy plans to use her to help orchestrate his revenge. Time heals all wounds and after ten years, Johai’s thirst for vengeance has ebbed as his affection for the girl, now a woman grows. After ten years of plotting and planning, will he be willing to give everything up for the unexpected love of a woman, or forsake it all it his quest for power?

Novelette: FREE Epic / Historical / Romance / Swords & Sorcery Author: Nicolette Andrews

Those Who Dwell in the Thorns (Thornmanor Series)

Catherine has always done what is right and proper. She married a wealthy man she hardly knew because it was expected of her. She too had certain expectations about her life. She wanted to be a good wife, to manage his household and someday bear his children. That all changed when she and her husband, Edward, are attacked on their way to their home, Thornwood Manor. They are saved by her husband's gardener, the mysterious Mr. Thorn. After the attack, only Catherine and Mr. Thorn seem to remember anything about it. In fact, he seems to know a lot about Catherine, though they have never met before.

Catherine would rather look the other way and pretend she does not see people disappearing or that she feels an inexplicable draw to the shrouded woods behind her new home. When Catherine is confronted with the past she would rather forget

Novella: FREE Historical / Romance Author: Nicolette Andrews

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