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F R Maher


Sometime ghost-hunter, (yes really), rune-reader (980+ positive feedback on eBay til they banned it), seer, metaphysician, psychic... and sceptic…

Books by F R Maher

The Last Changeling (The Enigma Wars, vol. 1)

All of history is secrets and lies. The present is just a cover story.

Metahominids: Mêta'hôm'i'nîdz: (pl.) n. Ancient Greek: meta = other, hominids = men. (From Dr. John Dee's 1583 'Inventory of Magickal Correspondences')

Metahominids are our oldest enemy; if they don't kill you, they will destroy your mind. Even the finest brains are not immune. When Sherlock Holmes' brilliant creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fell victim, they made him believe that photographs of cut-out paper figures were real fairies. Now they are leaving their traditional haunts of hill fort, woodland and barrow, to prey upon us on our own territory. As this centuries old, covert war heats up, it falls to a shambling figure known only as 'D', to keep us safe - and ignorant of the nightmares that lurk in the every-day world we call 'reality'.

Novel: $4.59 Contemporary / Dark / Historical Author: F R Maher

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