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Christopher Kellen

Christopher Kellen is an IT specialist who thinks he's got what it takes to spin the occasional swords-and-sorcery yarn. His heroes of literature are those who are fearless in telling an uncompromising story. He wishes that there were more people who wrote like Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, and Karl Edward Wagner, and while he knows that that he can never live up to their genius, he hopes to contribute something to the genre that they so loved. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife and their monstrous black dog.

Books by Christopher Kellen

Elegy (The Arbiter Codex, vol. 1)

D'Arden Tal arrives at the city of Calessa to reclaim it from darkness. Even to enter, he must fight his way past the corruption gathering at its gates. Armed with only his mind, his crystalline sword and the sheer force of his will, D'Arden must shatter the chains of corruption which threaten to consume every soul within those stone walls. Deep beneath the earth, he discovers an evil which will cause him to question his faith, his devotion, and his very existence.

If you like your fantasy grim and gritty, with the feel of dirt underneath the hero's fingernails, ELEGY is for you. Readers of Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber and Andrzej Sapkowski (The Witcher) will find themselves right at home when they dive into THE ARBITER CODEX.

Novel: $2.99 Adventure / Dark / Swords & Sorcery Author: Christopher Kellen

Legacy (The Arbiter Codex, vol. 2)

The Arbiter’s Tower has fallen. Less than a month after defeating the great evil inhabiting the southern city of Calessa, D’Arden and Elisa must face an even greater challenge: reclaiming the ancestral fortress from an unimaginable darkness.

Worse yet, only two Arbiters escaped the Tower before its destruction—D’Arden’s oldest comrade and another young apprentice. With their home overrun by darkness and corruption growing ever stronger around them, D’Arden fears that they may be the last surviving Arbiters in the world.

D’Arden has only just begun to transform his unauthorized apprentice from a provincial solider into someone worthy of the honor he unintentionally bestowed upon her. As he struggles to recover the sanctuary of his Order, he could never have predicted the true extent of Elisa’s transformation…

Novel: $2.99 Adventure / Dark / Swords & Sorcery Author: Christopher Kellen

The Corpse King (Tales of Eisengoth, vol. 1)

After years of nothing but grueling training and the desperate dance of death that is the life of an acolyte Arbiter, D'Arden Tal has been named an apprentice. He has been assigned to learn from Havox Khaine, one of the greatest Masters in living memory. For two years they have traveled across the known world, and now they enter a tiny kingdom on the edge of nowhere. Rumors abound that the monarch of this kingdom is insane, and has created a demented puppet court…of the dead. D'Arden must learn what it truly means to be an Arbiter, as he makes his first real confrontation with the horrors of corruption. Something much worse lurks within the shadows of the king's mind than simple madness, and D'Arden will find reason to call him…The Corpse King.

Novelette: FREE Adventure / Dark Author: Christopher Kellen

Sorcerer's Code (The Elements of Sorcery, vol. 1)

Edar Moncrief has a problem. As the city of Elenia's finest sorcerer (or so he would say) no one paid him any mind, until he trips over the body of an Arbiter - the legendary warriors who aren't supposed to leave corpses behind when they die. It gets even worse when he comes face-to-face with a real, live Arbiter who blames him for the death. With a literal sword hanging over his head, Moncrief must find and catch a murderer, before D'Arden Tal declares him responsible and kills him instead.

If you enjoy fantasy with a bleeding razor edge of humor from authors like Karl Edward Wagner, Jim Butcher or Mike Carey, put SORCERER'S CODE at the top of your TBR pile today, and find out why a sorcerer can never tell a lie...

Novelette: $0.99 Adventure / Dark / Urban Author: Christopher Kellen

Sorcerer's Crime (The Elements of Sorcery, vol. 2)

After outwitting the Arbiter D'Arden Tal and barely escaping with his life, Edar Moncrief left his entire life behind and vanished into the mists. He had hoped to get lost and stay lost, but winter is coming on, and his power can only keep the cold at bay for so long.

Desperate for warmth, Moncrief avails himself of the hospitality of a small village -- by claiming to be the very Arbiter he's just escaped from. Oh, and the villagers have been desperately waiting for someone to come and save them, because they happen to be suffering under the curse of something they call the 'Reaper'.

Entangled in the village's problems due to nothing more sinister than his own big mouth, Moncrief must decide whether he has the courage to fight for them... or whether he will simply slink away into the night like the coward he knows himself to be.

Novelette: $0.99 Adventure / Dark / Swords & Sorcery / Urban Author: Christopher Kellen

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