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Agatha Raine

I've always had a vivid imagination, ever since I was a child. My mother once asked me why I didn't write my ideas down. At 10, that seemed like a ridiculous amount of work, but by 12 I was scribbling short fan-fiction stories in the back of my notebook between classes. I'll state up front, I support fan-fiction. It's the venue where I first developed my writing and story-telling skills, and to this day, some of my most favored writings are fan-fiction. At 14, I decided I enjoyed writing enough that I wanted to create my own worlds and characters. I began work on a series of unpublished science fiction novels, a ongoing project that lasted me several years. Now, with 13 years of writing under my belt, I've more book ideas than I've got time to write!

Books by Agatha Raine

The Veiled Rider (Turning of the Wheel, vol. 1)

When Ravid Veilyn received word of his mother's illness, he scoured the empire for the rare and powerful reagents needed for her cure. The last, the coveted xevrothen, could only be found in the treacherous Gairtax Mountains, from which few returned. There, he met a madman who sought dominion over death and used the lives of innocents to fuel his twisted paradise. Ravid was to be his next victim. But when Ravid called upon a childhood story figure, in the hopes of praying on the man's superstitions, he got more than he bargained for when the Veiled Rider answered his call. Now bound to an ancient demon without hope of salvation, Ravid begins to learn the world is not all it's painted to be.

Novel: $0.99 Epic / Historical Author: Agatha Raine

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